Serena Development Manager helps global development organizations orchestrate application development across disparate platforms, departmental processes, and development tools. With Serena, customers have been able to dramatically accelerate software development, increase development efficiency, and reduce rework:

  • Decreased manual effort to create and deploy a release by 90%
  • Improved development productivity by 40%
  • Shortened development and change cycle times by 50%
  • Reduced software errors by 90%

Serena Development Manager consists of Serena Dimensions CM and Serena Business Manager (SBM).

Orchestrated Development Across Tools

Serena Development Manager helps IT organizations create a unified, flexible, and auditable development process that works with all tools, platforms, and processes throughout the entire application development lifecycle. Serena's integration to third-party tools helps IT organizations create an orchestrated development process that delivers enterprise-wide visibility across all your teams, whether they're using Serena products, Subversion, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, or other products.

Process-Driven Visibility

Built on the powerful yet flexible SBM platform, Serena Development Manager helps accelerate development by removing process bottlenecks, coordinating changes, and providing real-time dashboards and updates across all projects, teams, and tools. Only Serena can easily provide visibility into both development data and process metrics across all solutions in the application development lifecycle. IT organizations can use the ALM Dashboard to simultaneously view development data from multiple tools, such as the number of defects in HP Quality Center or commit statistics in Subversion – as well as cycle time metrics captured through SBM, such as how long a release has been in the testing phase, the lag time between testing and deployment, and what are the biggest bottlenecks across all projects.

Easily see team updates, review the impact of changes across the entire development lifecycle, and streamline the approval of requests and tasks.


Simpler Global Efficiency

Serena Development Manager helps IT organizations streamline globally dispersed development by minimizing the effort for sharing and administering development data. IT can leverage the robust functionality of Dimensions CM to reduce development lag times by enabling teams to quickly share information without being forced to replicate files across servers around the world. Serena also offers "LAN-like" performance for globally distributed teams, so they can spend less time fetching data from remote servers.