Every major business process – from financial reporting to customer management – depends on software applications. They must be extremely efficient, highly stable, compliant and flexible enough to support new business requirements. But these applications have been developed over many years, across diverse environments, and enhanced under tight time pressures. Documentation is rarely current and system architects have often moved on. The complexity of these systems and limited insight into the application portfolio can lead to:

  • Poor management control:Executives cannot assign resources to work on what matters most to the business.
  • Slow turnaround on business needs: Applications are too inflexible to be adapted quickly and without risk. In addition business users and IT can’t translate needs into development requirements.
  • Inefficient development processes:Global development teams spend up to 80% of their budgets on maintenance activities, diverting resources from new, high-value projects.
  • Inconsistency of information:The ambiguity between the analysis and development phases inevitably leads to errors, increasing the cost of change and biting even further into the IT budget.
  • Difficulty in selecting modernization projects: Businesses recognize the value of modernizing their application portfolios, but cannot do so without the insight to prioritize and scope these high-value activities.


Enterprise Analyzer is the most comprehensive solution available. It enables a deeper understanding of application portfolios and provides centralized business and technical insight into core applications, storing it in a secure, centralized repository. Global IT teams identify, prioritize and execute development activities that realign applications with current business requirements.

  • Rich technical insights:Enterprise Analyzer parses source code across dozens of environments, from the mainframe to distributed applications.
  • Subject matter expertise:The platform enables users to discover and describe their applications in business terms.
  • Additional insights:Users can collect additional insights into the application portfolio from third-party sources, like HR, ERP, PPM, ALM, and BSM (Business Service Management) technologies.

Enterprise Analyzer Modules

Enterprise Analyzer is built on a powerful, enterprise-class repository. Information about your applications is stored in this central location and can be accessed and adapted through a set of modules. Each module provides distinct capabilities that support application development, maintenance, modernization and compliance initiatives:

Analyst Clientprovides:

  • Application and program level understanding using extensive metrics, reports, diagrammatic views and querying tools to support multiple business initiatives including M&A, business/IT alignment, application modernization, development and maintenance.
  • Portability Assessment to help assess portfolio inventory, key metrics and risk areas for application platform rehosting projects
  • Quality Assessment with standard code quality queries to serve as guidance to a code quality practice in both development and maintenance phases
  • In-depth analysis tools to promote efficiency in the performance of daily tasks such as field changes, understanding of data propagation through a program, and dead code removal. Analysis output can be exported allowing application developers to understand changes needed, significantly reducing the potential for ambiguity between the analysis and change processes.

Developer Client provides:

  • SearchAssistant: a powerful ‘Google’ style search facility provides simplified access to the Enterprise Analyzer repository via a web interface.
  • Eclipse plugins: the Developer Client ensures that the analysis results can be translated directly into sharable tasks, marking all code highlighted for change directly in the source code editor.

Enterprise View presents metrics and survey results in a graphical dashboard format, helping to guide portfolio management decisions.

Business Rule Manager speeds the discovery and control of applications’ business behaviour.


For business users and executives:

  • Improved governance: Managers use management dashboards to regain control of the business applications that track key performance indicators.
  • Better business visibility: Analysts, architects and executives get business perspectives on their applications.
  • Greater control over business: Users can discover, organize, and document the business logic buried within their applications 50% faster.

For architects, analysts, and development professionals:

  • Rich documentation creation: Boost productivity by 20% and more using centralized and detailed insight into the structure of even the most complex applications.
  • Improved team effectiveness: Ease of use enables even junior team members to become ‘instant experts’, increasing effectiveness by 40% and more.
  • Delivery of quality applications: Build or reuse queries to locate issues without disrupting stability.
  • Accelerated modernization projects: The technology isolates business logic into reusable components and helps re-architect systems, eliminating low quality code.
  • Enterprise level scalability: Manage hundreds of millions of lines of code using Enterprise Analyzer’s almost unlimited scalability


Overcome complexity through technical insight into diverse application portfolios:

  • Powerful query engine locates artefacts of interest within code, ensuring fast, complete analysis
  • Pre-built query library – a head-start when investigating common development tasks or quality issues
  • Customizable and shareable results benefit the entire development team

Rich, synchronized, always-current, and interactive visualizations gets users up to speed on even the most complex applications.

  • Avoid unintended repercussions from code changes with sophisticated impact analysis –
  • Regain control over the application portfolio through business insights:
  • Business perspectives on how applications are architected by geography, process, security, and other meaningful views, enabling improved control and planning
  • Business and technical metrics, presented in dashboards, enable managers to identify, prioritize, and monitor high-impact modernization and development activities
  • Business Rule Manager: IP is protected and logic can be quickly adapted to new requirements

Reusing insights improves development lifecycle and accelerates modernization

  • Enterprise-class repository enables large development teams to access and enrich one ‘source of truth’ about the application portfolio
  • Users can share views, queries, reports, and best practices to ensure that even junior team members are experts on existing applications
  • Eliminate dead and non-standard code to improve flexibility and stability of applications


Enterprise Analyzer Analyst (Server and Client)

Microsoft Windows 8 /Microsoft Windows 7 /Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3 or higher /Microsoft Windows Server 2012 /Microsoft Windows Server 2008 /Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Developer Client Eclipse 3.7.2 or higher /Firefox 3.6 or higher /Internet Explorer 6 or higher /Chrome 6 or higher

Enterprise Analyzer

Supported Databases
MS SQL Server 2012 /MS SQL Server 2012 Express included MS SQL Server 2008 R2 Express - included in installation pack /MS SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard, Enterprise /MS SQL Server 2005 /Oracle 10g, 11g /IBM DB2 9.5 
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