Serena Software Inc is a US-based software company that provides IT management solutions to enterprises around the world.

Serena solutions offer a process orchestration approach and span the areas of development, DevOps and IT management.

Release management is the process of managing software releases from development stage to software release. It is a relatively new but rapidly growing discipline within software engineering. As software systems, software development processes, and resources become more distributed, they invariably become more specialized and complex.

Furthermore, software products (especially web applications) are typically in an ongoing cycle of development, testing, and release. Add to this an evolution and growing complexity of the platforms on which these systems run, and it becomes clear there are a lot of moving pieces that must fit together seamlessly to guarantee the success and long-term value of a product or project. The need therefore exists for dedicated resources to oversee the integration and flow of development, testing, deployment, and support of these systems.

Although project managers have done this in the past, they generally are more concerned with high-level, "grand design" aspects of a project or application, and so often do not have time to oversee some of the more technical or day-to-day aspects. Release managers (aka "RMs") address this need. They must have a general knowledge of every aspect of the software development process, various applicable operating systems and software application or platforms, as well as various business functions and perspectives.