Serena Request Center provides your IT organization with a solution to help create a contemporary, new face of IT. It can serve as the single point of contact between your customers and your IT organization and as the single entry point into your service desk or other SBM-powered applications. A centralized request center that can serve as the "store front" or the "front office" for your IT organization can go a long way in promoting user self-service, streamlining request fulfillment processes and cutting IT costs – which in turn greatly improves satisfaction with IT. Serena Request Center can be deployed on premises or as SaaS.

Serena Request Center Mobile gives you complete access to this centralized portal – from any mobile device.

The New Face Of IT-Serena Request Center

Key Features

Unified Service Request Center

Serena Request Center is a rich, interactive, and intuitive web portal that can serve as a one-stop shop for corporate users to browse through the available IT services, submit and track requests, and review knowledge base articles. Your users can quickly see the costs and benefits of a service, before requesting access to the service itself. "New" or "Featured" services can be highlighted to your users, further promoting IT as a true business partner.

Highlight New Or Featured Services

Enterprise Service Catalog

Serena Request Center comes with a set of pre-built service requests complete with the associated forms and fulfillment workflows. You can also create, publish and organize services that meet your specific needs into convenient categories. Choose from a wide array of icons or create your own icon to represent these services in the portal. Showcase all your SBM-powered applications as services within the portal and direct your users to a specific web page to request that service. Banners that "announce" new services and quick links on the portal increase the use of these services. 

Leverage A Starter Pack of Pre-Built Service Requests

Contextual Knowledge Base

Serena Request Center has powerful knowledge management capabilities that help users resolve their own problems without needing to contact your support teams. A special knowledge alert capability automatically presents potential solutions as they type in ticket information. The knowledge base articles are searchable by keywords, category and type, and can be rated by your end users. Articles tagged as "Announcements" can appear in a ticker across the top of the Request Center, allowing you to quickly highlight ongoing issues to your users, reducing the likelihood of duplicate tickets. A pre-built knowledge management process ensures that only articles that have been vetted by your team get added to the knowledge base.

Contextual Knowledge Base Articles Help With "No-Touch" Issue Resolution

Serena Request Center can provide your customers with a single point of contact with your IT organization. It is extremely simple and easy to use. It reduces the workload of your support staff by encouraging employee self-service and "no-touch" issue resolution which significantly improves satisfaction with IT. It lets you showcase a host of services that you have to offer thereby allowing you to promote IT as a business-focused service provider within your organization.

Powerful Service Level Management Capabilities

With Serena Request Center, your users are aware of the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) associated with each service that you have to offer. Your team can easily define service level targets and the rules that trigger corrective action when these targets are at risk of not being met or are violated. For instance, a manager can get notified via email to investigate a high risk item and take steps to address it immediately. SLA measurements can be based off of business calendars. They can be suspended at certain points in the process if needed. They can even be applied to subsets of processes. SLA reports can be configured to provide managers with dashboards that showcase a team's past performance against targets vs. current performance. You can even drill down to a specific item to get to the root cause of an issue and then re-prioritize work or enlist additional help by routing work to a specialist using the Social IT capabilities built in to SBM. All the information is displayed in real-time.

View Service Level Agreements Associated With Each Service